Room Status
Visualization Program

Bringing lockdown management into the 21st century.

Situational Awareness:

Visualized status of all rooms, within seconds.


Robust multi-modal communication platform: connect teachers, staff, administrators, 911 and first responders in customizable talk-groups.

Press the Threat:

Drastically reduce search time – save lives.



  • Does not require a hardware purchase
  • Unlimited users and usage
  • Works on any modern web-enabled device
  • Builds on existing procedures for easy user-adoption
  • Is highly flexible and customizable to user needs
  • Is most affordable lockdown enhancement technology on the market

Additional Functions

RSVP can also augment and enhance

  • Fire drill check-in procedures
  • Medical alerts and staff notifications
  • Routine facility mapping needs: door numbers, alarm zones, strategic locations
  • Locating facility assets:
  • AED’s
  • Stop the bleed kits
  • Cameras
  • Other needs
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