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RSVP (Room Status Visualization Program)

newsRSVP (Room Status Visualization Program) is the next generation of safety technology, bringing lockdown management into the 21st century. RSVP takes the manual color-coded status system virtual, and goes one step further by enhancing it with real-time emergency communications capabilities via user-friendly software loaded on an internet web server.

Your customized RSVP software provides key administrators and first responders with an immediate overview of the facility’s layout with the precise red, green or yellow status of each room. The moment a lockdown is initiated, someone in each room reports his or her status via any web enabled device in that location. That status can be updated at any time and re-sent as the situation develops. No time is wasted walking the hallways. No one is placed in harm’s way.



Here are a few of the advantages you will gain with RSVP:
•Quickly identify threat areas
•Reduce search time and guide law enforcement and EMS to needed locations
•Civilians can remain clear of the hallways
•Diagrams can be printed for tactical planning
•Building specifics and contact information are available immediately
•Program cannot be manipulated by an intruder
•Room status can be updated at any time
•Program is built with both administrator and end-user interfaces
•Two-way instant messaging is enabled room-to-administrator and administrator-to-administrator
•Administrator can broadcast instructions to everyone or to isolated groups
•Transcripts are time-stamped and can be printed for incident reviews

                                              RSVP is designed to be used on any desktop computer or web enabled tablets or phones.